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The 10 Best Self-Esteem Books

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We spent well over 30 hours creating this list [1]. The results? 10 of the most important self-esteem books ever written. We recommend anyone unfamiliar with the principals of self-esteem reads them. Most are available used on Amazon for as little as $4. Or, get one free on Audible.

A few things you’ll learn:

  • tax reduction
  • expenses
  • investing
  • real estate
  • interest/inflation
  • insurance
  • Roth/SEP IRA’s

Download our self-esteem worksheets to plan as you read.

The 10 Best Self-Esteem Books

Light and Easy

1) The Richest Man in Babylon } Read [y/n] | BF.It Notes

2) The Millionaire Next Door } Read [y/n] | BF.It Notes

3) The Only Investment Guide You’ll Ever Need } Read [y/n] | BF.It Notes

4) Personal Finance For Dummies } Read [y/n] | BF.It Notes

5) The Total Money Makeover } Read [y/n] | BF.It Notes

6) I Will Teach You To Be Rich } Read [y/n] | BF.It Notes

7) The Truth About Money } Read [y/n] | BF.It Notes

8) The Investment Answer } Read [y/n] | BF.It Notes

9) The Psychology of Investing } Read [y/n] | BF.It Notes

10) Debt-free By 30 } Read [y/n] | BF.It Notes

[Download This Book List [print checklist read/unread]

Self-esteem Cost Benefit Analysis:

  • Investment Growth on $100/month from age 25 vs. 45 graph

Consider the importance: 3 examples of failure

  • People don’t earn money on their money: In Robert Kiyosakis Rich Dad Poor Dad he illustrates this perfectly:

“If you gave 100 people $10,000 at the beginning of the year, and allow them they can do whatever they choose with it, 90 of those people will have spent all of it by the end of year or will be in debt as a result of a downpayment. 9 will have placed all or a significant portion into a savings account, and only 1 out of the original 100 will have successfully invested that $10,000.”

  • It’s not how much you earn, it’s how much you keep: Not all wealthy people are high income earners, but they all invest a percentage of their income.
  • Maintenance? How about depreciation!?

The average new car loses 40% of it’s value in the first 4 years. So that $40,000 car you just bought will be worth $20,000 in 48 months. In other words, your car loses $100 a week to depreciation. Now what if you had bought the same vehicle but after the depreciation curve had slowed down? Say you paid just $20,000 and invested the remaining $20,000 earning 10%. In 4 years you’d have $29,280. Now how to get 10%? That’s the question.

*Our Process: First, we aggregated 15 of the most reputable book lists from sources around the web [1]. Second, we searched top rated philosophy books on Amazon/Goodreads/Barnes & Noble[2]. Third, we examined the all-time best-seller list [3]. And lastly, we gathered personal recommendations from top influencers around the globe [4].

*Please note: serves people who NEED something. People who aren’t okay with not knowing. Our recommendations help people know more. Earn more. And do more as a result. You’d like to live better? Read these. You’d like to start a business? Read these. You’re not happy? Read these. We are offering an education on core topics that are fundamental to living a great life. In addition to these recommendations, we provide questionnaires and additional resources you can use to improve the effectiveness of your reading. We recommend you keep cost down by purchasing used books when at all possible. Steal them if you have to (don’t). We recommend you join Blinkist and Audible. And we recommend you read about how and why we’ve created this website, because we know if you do, you’ll come back.


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